Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Suquamish Woods

Crowds of Alder, firm and tall
Long limbs reaching high
Gently touch, sway in harmony
Spattered leaves against the sky

Cedar, forest elders, wrap around
Cloaks of muted green
Dry shelter beneath their feet
Scented core and roots unseen

Sunlight splashes through
Dances with the fern
Hidden deep, ripe berries plump
Salal, Huckleberry, wait their turn

Winding through the forest heart
Spirit world for some
Wind whispers, fish are running,
Follow me and come

(This particular location,
along with many Native Americans of the Suquamish Tribe,
 is found on the Kitsap Peninsula in Western Washington)


  1. What a beautiful painting and poem! Hopefully I can visit that place sometime.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. There is also a small church cemetary in this area where Chief Sealth, after whom Seatle was named, is buried. It is an unassuming, peaceful, and inspirational spot - a must see for anyone who visits this part of Washington.

  3. Are these your paintings, Barb? There's a feel about them that is similar to one that you did for me of somewhere in Colorado (Mesa Verde?)even though that one has more open land, mountains and sky than these do. Still, the colors and... I don't know, maybe the dark/light contrasts look so similar.

  4. It is indeed my painting - so I guess I really must have my own "style"! I don't remember which painting I gave you, but we never made it to Mesa Verde the years we lived there - only when we finally took our "Great SW Trip" in 2005. Take a digital photo of it sometime and send it to me via e-mail & I'll probably be able to tell you where it's from. Thanks for all your comments!!

  5. OH! This is really just one painting - with the Suquamish ancestors hidden among the trees. The 2nd 2 pictures are merely close-ups of those sections in the top picture.

  6. How can the painter/ author be contacted for inquiries?

  7. Anonymous - if you will leave your e-mail address here, I'll be glad to contact you. Thanks for the interest!