Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lakeside Genesis

Each year we attend a family camp through our church.
I wrote this as a devotion
to relate that very special place and time
to the creation story in the book of Genesis in the Bible.

More years ago than we can count, it snowed, and froze, and melted, and did this over and over for thousands of years until this land – this very spot – was covered with ice for a long, long, time. The ice scraped the land, moved the rocks and gravel, and finally melted for good – leaving behind this lake which eventually was named “Wildcat.”

And God’s hand was in it all.

The soil was fine and small plants began to grow in the water and on the land. Those plants died and their dried leaves mixed with the fine soil to form a rich, fertile mixture so that larger plants and giant trees could thrive – alders, maples, pines, firs, and hemlocks.

Flowers bloomed and berries ripened – blackberries, raspberries, salmonberries, huckleberries, Oregon grapes and salal.

And God smiled.

Small creatures appeared – insects and spiders of all shapes, sizes and colors; frogs and fish and lizards; mice and moles. Birds flew, pecked and hopped about – chickadees, nuthatches, jays, eagles and osprey, ducks and geese. Squirrels chattered by day, raccoons and coyotes patrolled the night.

And God was pleased.

Forward-thinking people found this particular spot and decided to set it aside for future generations – to make it a haven separate from the steel and concrete of the city;

a quiet retreat from the busy-ness of everyday life where people of all ages could play, rest, and enjoy this creation and each other.

 And I believe God says that this is good.

God blessed them and said to them,
"Be fruitful and increase in number;
fill the earth and subdue it.
Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air
and over every living creature
that moves on the ground."
God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.
And there was evening, and there was morning
- the sixth day.
Genesis 1:28 & 31

"you are worthy, our Lord and God,
to receive glory and honor and power,
for you created all things,
and by your will they were created
and have their being."
Revelation 4:11

Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer Was

I thought there would be no summer
Arriving late, nearly not at all,
Ushered in with rain and clouds
Just as spring had been.

I knew when it was due,
Not merely by the calendar
But by some ancient rhythm,
After July 4th, or sometime later.

Sometime later was when it came,
Later and later, or so it seemed
While I dreamed of sun and balmy days
Not haze and sixty degrees.

"It's too cloudy." I whined
But we traveled no less
Through a land that was blessed
With those infrequent rains.

And summer was there
In the grasses and grains,
The wondrous white clouds,
And mountains slowly disrobing.

It was there in the storms
Bringing torrents and thunder,
Burgeoning insects and flowers,
And sweet-smelling trees.

"It's too cold." I complained
As we took a long drive
To the Top of the World
Where the snow still piled high.

And summer was there
In the blue of the skies,
The eyes of dear friends,
And each intricate bloom.

It was there in the wind,
And the rushing of water,
Tumbling down to the valleys
In some crystal clear days.

"It's too wet!" I lamented
Although I certainly knew
Even dew would be welcome
Where the temperatures soared.

And summer was there
Where the mustangs roam free,
In the colors of canyons,
With rivers brim-full and raging.

It was there with the wildlife,
With young and well fed,
In thunderous sounds and bright sights
Of some warm balmy nights.

"I can't work outside." I bitterly cried,
But the rain just kept on.
Cold, wet ground spewed forth growth
Like I couldn't believe.

Summer doesn't distinguish
Between "flowers" and "weeds"
It spurs on roses, fuchsias, and lilies
And miniature forests of trees.

Summer mixes the colors
And scatters the seeds,
Adds heaping amounts of things
You might rather not see!

"The weeds will take over!" I sadly sighed,
But sallied forth bravely
And you know what I found?
Small treasures were hidden all over the yard!

For summer was working
Quite unbeknown to me,
Quietly pushing, pulling, cajoling
And bursting its seams....

I was shocked when I realized
Fall was all a-buzz.
I thought there was no summer
But there was. Oh there was!