Friday, February 11, 2011


I often wonder when it was - and why - that “news” became such a negative thing. To scan the morning paper or watch the evening news on TV, one would think that the world is only is full of disasters, criminals, and other dishonest types. If people depend only upon the news media to color their view of the world, and others in it, it’s easy to see how depressing that can be. I suppose (when times are good at least) people have always tended to take the everyday, mundane things for granted and give the negative events and people larger-than-life status. Besides developing a markedly shorter attention span, I believe our modern day culture has also come to expect a weekly, if not daily, major event or crisis. If one does not occur naturally, we simply invent one.

But I think we have a choice. We can choose not to dwell on the ugly stuff and take most of the reported news with a grain of salt. We’re indeed fortunate to live in a prosperous, free country, where most of us have decent homes and never need to go hungry. Honest, caring people are everywhere - we have only to open our eyes. I am constantly amazed by the goodness of so many, for I look around and see people who:

Listen patiently to others when they feel the need to talk, or walk a lonely road side by side.
Offer company and comfort, some shelter from life’s rain; ease a pain, help restore a little pride.
Validate the person, treasure how unique they are; travel far, if a whispered cry is heard.
Encourage each small effort with cheerful smile and nod, and laud with a kind and gentle word.
Extend a hand of welcome, give a pat upon the back; lift the pack from a tired, broken soul.
Answer pleading cry with tender voice, when choice - and consequences - take their toll.
Cook and share a meal, or take it to their door; the poor may look just like you and me.
Hold a hand if it’s needed, or a tongue, or a child; once piled, hope can make a life free.
Open doors when it’s needed, never look to be repaid; once made, promises are always kept.
Thank others for their kindness, accept what they can give, and live with a mem’ry of tears wept.
Hope for the best, and see it shine within each other’s eyes; no lies or jealousies to mar the day.
Enjoy the company of others, be they friends or someone new, and few, be the ones they turn away.
Rejoice that they are loved, and can love then in return, they learn that’s their charge for every day.

Most of the news here is Good News, for I am surrounded by loving people.

This is my command:
Love each other.
John 15:17


  1. nice post. it's good to notice the GOOD that is all around us...if more people did, instead of dwelling on the disasters in the world (like the newsies tend to try and make us feel that's all there is)...then the world would be a happier...more content place. global harmony...aaaaahhhh!

  2. I think this is true as well. I was told once that when I prayed I should never ask for anything- just thank God for all the good things... It sure does make you realize how good everything around you really is.