Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Recipe for Thanks-giving

This recipe is very old and has been passed down through generations. It keeps getting lost, however, so keep it in a safe place where you can always find it:

1 portion Gratitude.
2 or more others, friends or relatives.
     (Optional, but add more flavor.)
4 cups finely-tuned - open, not hardened, heart
     (Works best with warm wisdom of very large one)
2 1/2 cups unbiased compassion
2 large, listening (No substitutions!) ears
     (Small ones OK, as long as they work)
1 small voice, tuned to communicate
     (Large, loud ones work too, if not monopolistic)
1 warm, dry shelter- can be eliminated, if not possible to obtain

• Take Gratitude in hand, squeeze out the last drop, then add a bit more.

• Mix in others, the more the merrier.
   Include some smaller varieties for more spice.

• Stir in the heart and compassion until well-mixed.

• Add the ears, so that listening can begin first.
   Then add the voice, gradually, and blend well.

• Gather all together in warm, dry shelter.
    If none is available, stand close & warm each other.
    Season to taste with conversation, laughter, song, games, and whatever else is desired.

• Add some prayer, if you are a believer.
    If not, say thanks anyway.

• Turkey, stuffing, cranberries, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy, & pumpkin pie may be added, as desired, but are not at all required for this recipe... Other cooks may differ on this.

• Wine, or other libation may be added.
    Don't overdo - too much will spoil this recipe.

This is a "mobile recipe" - works well anywhere and can easily be transported to wherever needed.

I have never had this recipe fail. There is a greater need for it than ever, so make plenty and be sure to share!


  1. Lovely!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  2. A recipe to remember and be used often!

  3. i'm...hungry...now!!
    everything looks so yummy...and we certainly DO have lots to be thankful for...every day!! :)