Thursday, January 31, 2013

Whatizzit? 1 Answer

The answer to this first photo quiz was somewhat easy, if one is attuned to the ways of ice and light. This was taken during the big Seattle ice storm in January 2012 outside a local motel.
I was drawn to these branches, like - as they say - a moth to a flame. Encased in ice as they were, they had a stiff, wire-like quality to them and yet maintained a bit of  rhythm in their pattern of growth. The light reflecting off of them reminds me of copper - a fine wire sculpture, perhaps?

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  1. How beautiful! And your photo of the mountains at the top of the page is absolutely breathtaking!

    I don't often get around the blogosphere, but when I do, you are the first person I visit.

    Thank you very much for your thoughtful comments on my blog.

    And what an amazing grandmother you are to those fortunate younguns.

    I love Scrabble, by the way... I belong to two clubs.

    All best,