Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rain Runs Down

Splashing against window
flowing from top to bottom
rain runs down
each splash running into another
forming a sheet, coating the glass

Falling onto pavement
single drops mean nothing, almost,
yet run together
forming rivulets and puddles
flooding ditches and dips in the road

Flowing ever downhill
each trickle becomes a stream
rambling along and gathering speed
for the journey ahead, for the giving of itself
bringing needed sustenance to all that thirsts

Now gathering strength
streams wind into each other
becoming a river
flowing smoothly, running swiftly
on the endless journey, going on without end

Racing with force
in time, rivers merge into seas
surging with power
these waters now joined
ebb and flow, changing whatever they touch

Eons of melding
touched by air, wind, and sun
once again changing
soft mist rises up, slowly dissipates
to become separate drops and returns as rain

Imagine if we
would remember those droplets when
rain runs down
and that small, seemingly insignificant, acts
merge together to become the seas of change


  1. Beautiful! I love how you seperated the different aspects of the picture. Sometimes the smallest acts make the biggest splash. Thanks for the reminder of that.

  2. I know you wrote the poem but is the artwork yours too? If so - oh my goodness Barb!! You amaze me even more than usual.

  3. Tumbleweed - thanks for stopping by and, yes, all those small acts do matter. Many of them can even become a flood, if enough people do them...

    Anonymous - yes the artwork is mine and thanks for the compliment! More of my art can be find in the following posts:

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    THANKS to you both for stopping by here!