Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rising Above It All

Finally, after a dreary winter and chilly start, gentle breezes are wafting spring into our little neck of the woods. Buds are burgeoning, bursting, and boasting brilliant colors while birds trill their mating and territorial calls. Spirits are lifting and minds are wandering ahead to longer, warmer days and brighter surroundings. My mind has kicked into gear and soared way ahead of where the rest of me is...

A few years ago, my husband and I ventured to Long Beach for the Washington State International Kite Festival, a week-long kite celebration and competition held annually during the third week of August. This festival draws famous kite fliers from all around the world and tens of thousands awed spectators, many of whom participate in the fun with their own kite flying adventures.

Since we had never attended a kite festival before, we were totally enthralled and lost ourselves to the vast array of brilliant colors, high flying action, and choreographed movements of what seemed to be a zillion different kites of all shapes and sizes.

Mentally coming back down to earth for a brief second during those charmed couple of days, I gleaned some thoughts from the "bird's eye view" of the kite:

• Take a different view of things
to widen your perspective, 
gain new insight

• There is no one quite like you
- revel in that and do your own dance

• Join one-on-one with a special someone,
for no one else can know you so well

• Hang out sometimes with others of your own kind,
for you will share many commonalities
that can be comforting

• Mix it up with others
who are completely different than you are,
for that will expose you to new ideas,
broaden your mind, and enrich your life

• Don't gang up on others
simply because they are different
- that could be any one of us,
depending on time and circumstance

• Join with others
who share your goals and aspirations,
for there is strength in numbers

• Synchronize your efforts
with an great number of individuals
 to make an even bigger difference

• If a negative gang mentality takes over a group,
by all means rise above the pettiness of it all

• Remain flexible - relax and go with the flow

• Value and respect ancient,
seemingly archaic ways,
for they contain much wisdom

• Allow yourself to dream

- strive to do even that which seems unlikely...

or impossible

• Let yourself go sometimes and play!

For more information on
the Washington State International Kite Festival:


  1. You have a best seller on your hands!! What's stopping you my talented friend??!!

  2. I agree with Anonymous! At first I was thinking you should turn this post into a series of posters or cards, but a book would work just as well. You need an agent!

  3. beautiful pictures!! happy kites playing in the sky. thoughtful and inspiring words.

  4. What a fun reminder to never lose the wonderment of life!